Recover quicker, maintain condition & prevent injuries

What I offer

PROMT offers a corporate massage therapy service that comes to your office. Our Perth based personalised service can be tailored to your needs to help improve your workplace productivity and morale. Many workplaces incorporate massage as part of their employee health and well-being programs due to its therapeutic nature. Whether your staff are regularly facing tight deadlines, or are in physically demanding positions where they exert themselves – our office massage therapies can help revitalise your team, to perform more effective working hours, and relieve stress to improve occupational health and reduce absences. Company loyalty and satisfaction has been shown to improve. If you’re after a cost-effective on-site program, contact via text today, to discuss your needs.

What makes remedial massage better

Remedial massage is a holistic approach to trace discomfort back to the source, healing muscles and tendons that are tense, inflamed, immobile, damaged or impaired, through deep tissue strong massage – or shallow, gentle treatments – to improve circulation and flexibility. The aim is to repair both cause and symptoms, by stimulating blood supply, to allow the toxins in muscles to be removed or reduce swelling. Massage can eliminate the production of stress chemicals and hormones, improve sleep and immunity, and increase the body’s production of natural pain-killing endorphins.

Easing stiffness, tension, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improving the health of cells – from muscular to skeletal dysfunctions, cramps, whiplash, or sports injuries – session times can be set to suit all staff conditions! All AAMT members are regulated and committed to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – so you can rest assured, knowing you or your staff are in safe hands. A number of health funds also rebate massage treatment in Australia. Be sure to advise your massage therapist of your medical treatments and any medical conditions.

Applied directly to the skin, our massage therapist can use natural oils, to deeply penetrate with passive stretching, to enable mobilisation, inhibit spasms, improve muscle tone and boost the immune system (through cellular waste elimination). With our mobile massage chairs, our techniques are used to locate, support and speed up your body’s own natural repair mechanisms – so regular massage can help prevent injuries, improve lymphatic fluid circulation, and break down scar tissue. Remember to always communicate any discomfort during your session.

Whether it be calming the peripheral nervous system, to alleviate repetitive strain, whilst easing discomfort or pain – or general relaxation and toning of the muscles to improve joint mobility – you can rely on PROMT for fast and direct service customised to your requirements! Remedial massage involves compression, vibration, stroking, kneading and friction – and can help everything from arthritis, asthma, insomnia, gastrointestinal or immune system disorders – to injury rehabilitation, headaches, mental illness, pregnancy, strains and chronic pains. Everyone can benefit from massage!